Computer’s sale and repair・The construction of office IT environment

Check for free!

In Hongkong, computer checks are charged.
But in KATOTECH HONGKONG , you can check the computer for free.
In Kato-tech,the computer will be returned free of charge if no repairs are required.
If the repair fee is expensive, and want to change new one, we can also correspondence, welcome to  consult.
※In case the customer needs our go for a business trip, the expenses will be charged.

Computer trouble、no networking、Mailbox unavailable、This time just one call, we will go to help you immediately.
In addition, even if it is not work time, we will also fully respond, please feel free to call anytime.

Selling Japanese computers

Our company is selling Japanese computers.
Can also be based on customer needs,purchase the required computer for the customer.

In Hongkong, computers that use only English keyboards(US keyboard)、cannot buy a computer of  Japanese keyboard(JIS keyboard).
So our company started selling Japanese computers in Hongkong.

From the sales of computers to the setup of office computers ,no matter how large it is, we look forward to seeing you.

Good service of Japanese employees

Our Japanese technicians have superb technology and excellent service,Solve all problems for customers.
The content of the repairs will also be explained by our Japanese technicians,so don’t worry about language.
We do not use pirated and shoddy goods,all products are sold through regular channels.

Estimated price

Network setting client setting (everyone) 300HKD
server setting 1000HKD〜
NAS setting 800HKD〜
router setting 800HKD〜
network printer setting 500HKD〜
Virus solution virus check 500HKD
virus quarantine・delete Hourly fee
Date operation computer data transfer 800HKD〜
date back up 800HKD〜
data recovery 1000HKD〜
OS install again 1000HKD
HDD date delete 800HKD〜
Computer setting PC new setup 1000HKD
sofeware install 300HKD〜
Computer repair PC parts change 500HKD〜
HDD change 500HKD〜

※For company,the server・NAS・router etc.these will be charged extra.
※This just work fee ,aprts fee・software fee etc. these will be charged extra.

Hourly fee

The first one hour 500HKD
Half an hour each time 250HKD

Business Trip Expense

300HKD area Hongkong Kowloon
400HKD area Hongkong Hongkong island・New territories・Lantau island
Guangdong Shenzhen(luohu・Futian)
500HKD area Hongkong The other island
Guangdong Shenzhen(Nanshan・Baoan)
Charge extra Macau Macau
Guangdong Guangzhou・Foshan・Zhongshan・Zhuhai・Dongguan・Huizhou

※This expenses is  M-F 8:00~20:00.
※The other area,over time’s expenses is will be charged extra.