Make multilingual Web

Make multilingual Web

In Kato-tech,the local staffs are translating.
Language is changing,buzzwords are different every time.
Only in local life than can  master this change.
Therefore, the local staffs can translate accurately.

Local translator

Kato-tech is a global enterprise with branches in Hongkong and  Japan.
All if the translation  is my company’s staffs to do.
Our working language is Japanese,communicate with Japanese staffs to improve the Japanese level of foreign staffs.

Colorful design

Emphasis on the design of pc dedicated web site、Mobile website、Both sides can be used.
The composition of a web site for sending information,We can provide you with the proposal.
in addition,we elso make and design the logo、business card、gasbag、pamphlet etc.

The language

Language that can be used:English・Simplified Chinese(China)・Traditional Chinese(Hongkong・Taiwan).

Get the overseas domain

We can get the domain of Japan・China・Hongkong・Taiwan.
The domain of your company is the symbol of the credit of the company’s website。
In addition,use the email address of your company domain, can get more trust.

After meintenance

It’s begin at the end of  webpage making.
From SEO countermeasures to maintenance, we will be responsible for it.