Development of image processing softwar

Automatic image inspection

In the factory line, the quality of products is checked by human vision.
But in the future, with the increase in labor costs, the cost will increase.
So Kato-tech developed an image checking processing software .
It will save a lot of cost for the enterprises.


Image processing library HALCON


Kato-tech is the world’s most advanced experts in image processing HALCON.
We have rich experience in LCD screen check system development and ultra-high Technology,and we will do our best to support customer’s check system.
HALCON ‘s merit:  check processing is easy to modify、change check through engineering change.

From the proposal of picture processing to the development of inspection device

In addition to the portrait processing software,Katotech is also provide device controls・business system application.
In HALCON,here is a system that checks the results feedback to other devices, and as a job data record in the  traceability system etc.、It can also be linked together with the development of various application system.
Besides,our company with our partner are providing designing loop and hard、article allocation、the portrait machine allocation、machine assembly、adjustment、maintenance etc..