Translation services

Local staff conduct high quality translations

Our company in order to ensure the quality of translation、all of the translation  is carried out by our employees。
Compared to other companies that use outsourcing,stability is my company’s advantage.
Our staffs are not only excellent at Japanese,and they have rich experience in Translation.

Translation field and performance

・Business Documents
・Product operation manual
・Company brochure
・WEB pag
And other professional areas of translation,welcome you come to talk.


・The famous travel company website
・IT organization
・Product operation book of machine manufacturer
・Product description of cosmetics

The approximate prices

 language  Japanese→ Other languages  Other languages→ Japanese
 English 0.6 HKD ~ ( each word ) 0.8 HKD ~ ( each word )
 Traditional Chinese Characters 0.5 HKD ~ ( each word ) 0.6 HKD ~( each word )
 Simplified Chinese Characters 0.5 HKD ~ (each word ) 0.6 HKD~ (each word )

※Documents with legal effect, please discuss with lawyers first.